Bands & Projects

RockThatRockThat! (Tribute-Band)
For more than 20 years, Roxette is a synonym for rock/pop music that consists of songs you cannot get out of your head. Their numerous number one hits represent fun, passion, and great emotions. Since 2011, the tribute band Rock That! performs the songs on all stages which cannot be taken care of by the legendary Swedish duo. The six-member tribute band restages all of Roxette’s classics in a professional and authentic manner, from the international breakthrough “The Look” to “Listen to your Heart”, “Joyride”, and songs from the recently published album “Charm School”. A stirring show that allows for party, dancing, and singing along!


SoundcheckDer Soundcheck (Gala / TOP 40)
Soundcheck is a five member band with the instrumentation of drums, bass, guitar, keyboards and vocals. The band offers a diversified repertoire consisting of all genres: Pop, Rock, Jazz, Blues, Disco and R ‘n ‘B to cope with a wide range of events. In doing so, all band members fall back on longtime musical experiences, both live on stage and in recording studios.


ResurrectionResurrection (Hard-Rock)
Resurrection is a band with self-written music that borders on the edge between Hard Rock and Heavy Metal. Luscious sound, powerful songs and likeable young musicians who found their musical idols in the 1980s and 90s present concise rock music without any doubts.



Saite an SeiteSaite an Seite (Literature and Music)
Saite an Seite is a quintet originating in the region around Hameln and consists of two reciters and three musicians (saxophone, guitar, bass). The group’s aim is to provide the audience with a symbiosis of music and literature. In addition to literary classics (e.g. "Faust" by Goethe) and contemporary works (e.g. “Herr Lehmann” by Regener), the project puts music on stage from a mixture of many different styles.The songs offer an interpretation of the stage-read texts and establish a new level of literary enjoyment. Text and musical pieces are presented alternately.


Duo Donatus-LichtDuo Donatus / Licht (Jazz)
This Jazzguitar duo was founded in the summer of 2006. Along with the excellent guitarist Paul Donatus from Braunschweig, I play jazz music of all kinds. In the repertoire, one can find classical swing pieces à la Django Reinhardt, fantastic guitar selections from Steve Erquiaga, and also Pop/Jazz arrangements of other well-known songs.



In addition to these bands and projects, I play gigs with other bands like “No regrets”, a popular Robbie Williams tribute band from Braunschweig, or with other duos as a fill-in or substitute.